Maritime Heritage Park Environmental Learning Center

Bellingham, WA
Project Role:
Principal in charge: David Hall, HKP
Project Designer: David Hall
Landscape Architect: Rich Haag and Associates

The project is located in the Maritime Heritage Park in Bellingham, Washington and is part of a plan to revitalize Bellingham’s waterfront. The building is formed by two segments joined by a translucent canopy, and is raised on piles both for practical reasons and to reflect maritime construction. The project serves two main functions, as a classroom for environmental education and as a public restroom for park users and classroom occupants. The building was sited to preserve and enhance the open area for activities such as Frisbee games, musical events and political rallies.

In addition, the building was designed to use sustainable architectural practices as part of its educational function. Glazing provides abundant natural light without causing overheating in summer. Photovoltaic panels located on the roof capture solar energy, and recycled and salvaged materials provide visible and tactile educational opportunities.


  • 2003 NW Chapter AIA – Citation Award
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Unless otherwise noted, all photography by David Hall.
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