Biz Point House Addition

Fidalgo Island
Project Role:
Principal in charge: David Hall, HKP
Project Designer: David Hall

The Maxwell House Addition
The Maxwell House additions elegantly add a bathroom, bedroom and deck without overwhelming the scale and simplicity of the original house. On this steep site, the original entry patio and an ill-conceived deck off the kitchen provided the only usable outdoor spaces. The solution expands the deck off the upstairs level and places the bedroom and bath below it. In plan, the addition’s gentle curve reflects the shape of the hillside, and a concrete wall along the northern perimeter further unites the building and site.

Sliding glass windows next to the new tub can be opened, allowing the bather to mingle with the hillside garden and enjoy views to the Puget Sound. The tub was located as close to the outside corner as practical and set into the quarry-tile floor to capture maximum light and views. The corner post is eliminated by carrying the roof structure above on a beam that supports the trellis. Ventwood panels were used for decking and sunscreens, and the railings are stainless steel.

Carport and Exercise Studio
The carport and exercise studio addition, sited to the east of the house along the wooded access road, forms an entry court with the existing garage. Wooden screened fences help complete the enclosure while separating the carport from the exercise room entry. Floor-to-ceiling windows let light filtered through the forest canopy into the exercise space.

Materials include concrete floors and walls, salvaged timber posts and beams, and custom wood panels.


  • 1999 NW Chapter AIA – Citation Award


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  • 6/1996 Sunset Magazine, The Changing Western Home (94)
  • 1999 The Bathroom Idea Book (85)
  • Fall 2006 The Best of Inspired House-Smart Choices for Your Home – Drop-in (41)
  • Bob Villa’s Complete Guide To Remodeling Your home, Part Three- Making Changes (240-)
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Unless otherwise noted, all photography by David Hall.
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