Blake Place Cabin Restoration & Additions

Shaw Island
Project Role:
Principal in charge: Henry Klein
Project Designer: David Hall, Henry Klein

The 19th century Blake Place Log house was in near total disrepair when the owner decided to renovate. The sympathetic remodel included a new foundation and base log replacement, rechinking of the aging log walls, new windows and insulation. Front and side porches were added for outdoor living space and a new shingled L shaped shed created a kitchen-dining area and bathroom. In these rooms, former exterior logs were left intact. New stairs lead up to a cozy sleeping loft.

A carport, chicken coop and fencing were also added without disturbing the old pear orchard or the homestead’s bucolic charm. The additions provide a neutral style that celebrates the original’s rich patina.


  • 1985-86 AIA/Sunset Magazine Western Home Awards – Citation
  • 1987 Seattle Chapter AIA – Commendation Award


  • 1987 Sunset Magazine – Western Home Awards Issue
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Unless otherwise noted, all photography by David Hall.
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