La Conner Townhouse and Gallery Studio Renovation

La Conner, WA
Project Role:
Principal in charge: David Hall, STUDIOEDISON
Project Designer: David Hall
Interior decor: Catherine Person & Meg Holgate

The owners asked for a complete interior renovation of an 1890’s LaConner two story brick building. The rehabilitation work was limited to the interior of the building to stay in compliance with the town’s historic building code.

The upper level apartment loft was extensively remodeled. The kitchen location remained, but was totally redone. The Bathroom has been expanded and a walk-in closet is now located under a new stair leading up to the balcony. The clean, modern design provides a fitting background for the owner’s extensive NW art collection.

The street level shoe store below was completely remodeled into an art gallery and artist studio. An existing balcony was partially removed in the front portion of the building. The remaining balcony has been pulled away from the south wall so that the existing windows are now fully open to the interior. The existing concrete floor is now covered with new wood flooring. New lighting appropriate for the art studio and gallery has been installed. Moveable display walls separating the gallery and studio allow for resizing as needed.


  • Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine; Artful Preservation, April 7, 2019
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Unless otherwise noted, all photography by David Hall.
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