Samish Island Cabin

Samish Island, WA

Located on Samish Island’s northern point, the cabin faces east on high bank waterfront property. The floor plan has four main parts. (1.) A sky-lit Indoor/Outdoor Room serves as entry to (2.) the main Commons Rm. as well as the (3.) Guest wing and provides access to an extended deck by way of an overhead door to the east. (4.) The Master Bedroom wing is fully separated from the Commons and connected by an outside deck. Large lift/slide doors open from the commons onto a lower deck on the east side. On the west side, large similar lift/slide windows open off the kitchen countertop to the west. 4x10s rafters at 32” o.c. are exposed throughout with decking exposed and R-50 rigid insulation
above. The metal roof is installed at a 1/12 slope. Wood horizontal rain screen sidings is used throughout including on the inside walls of the Indoor/Outdoor Room and the exterior wood deck extends into this room. All of the tempered rooms have in-floor heating in exposed concrete floors.

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Unless otherwise noted, all photography by David Hall.
P.O. Box 255, 14032 Gilmore Ave. Edison, WA 98232 Phone: (360) 707-8804