Edison, WA
Project Role:
Architect and Designer: David Hall

STUDIOEDISON is a studio/guesthouse located in a rural village in the Samish River flood plain. The floor plan responds directly to its use, site conditions, solar orientation and views. South facing floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors open onto backyard gardens and pastoral views beyond, and removable guard rails, deck platforms and ladder can be installed when needed. The low-sloping butterfly roof and southern exposure allow the concrete floor to capture passive solar heat, while the steeper portion of the roof is canted 30 degrees to maximize electrical production from nine PV panels. An exterior sunshade protects the studio from overheating during the warmer months; in addition, the narrow floor plan allows for even daylighting and natural ventilation. The studio is elevated on salvaged cedar posts and a minimal concrete foundation, leaving the underside open to potential flood water.

Though the design demonstrates a direct response to the flood plain, the simplicity of the footprint and the passive solar approach could easily be adapted to a city lot or vacation parcel with good solar orientation. Additional uses include a detached dwelling unit, vacation cabin or small house, and the plan could be expanded lengthwise to include a bedroom.


  • 2011 Seattle Chapter AIA – FutureShack selected project
  • 2011 NW Chapter AIA – Honor Award


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  • Architecture 2011 STUDIOEDISON (21-22)
  • The Seattle Times, Pacific Northwest Sunday magazine, Jan. 15, 2012

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