Sun Space House

Camano Island
Project Role:
Principal in charge: David Hall, HKP
Project Designer: David Hall

Located on the edge of a small ravine on Camano Island, this passive solar house displays economy in plan and section as well as the efficient use of materials. A skylighted entry and indoor/outdoor sun room divides the house into three sections: living/dining/bedroom; kitchen; and weaving studio.The four foot module is reflected both outside and in through the use of battens and floor divisions. The simple modular scheme is designed to work with the natural elements of the Pacific Northwest. Heat generated in the untempered sun room is recovered and circulated into the living spaces.

Exterior materials includes MDO plywood and cedar battens, wood windows and garage doors, corrugated metal roofing and translucent panels. Inside the floors are ground and polished, the walls and ceiling are painted GWB with exposed wood structure.


  • 1993 American Wood Council, WOOD DESIGN – National Honor Award
  • 1995 NW Chapter AIA – Honor award
  • 1995-96 AIA/Sunset Magazine Western Home Awards – Special Award for low cost design
  • 1996 AIA Northwest and Pacific Region – Honor Award


  • 10/1995 Sunset Magazine, Western Home Awards Issue – Innovation on a budget (130)
  • 1995 Fine Homebuilding Annual Houses Issue – Sunspace House (68-71)
  • 1998 Fine HomeBuilding More Small Houses – sunspace house (54-57)
  • 1999 The Best of Fine HomeBuilding, Energy Efficient Building – Sunspace House (44-47)
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Unless otherwise noted, all photography by David Hall.
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